TRANSP Official Release

 version  release date  DOI
 23.1  January 23, 2023  10.11578/dc.20180627.4
 23.2  June 9, 2023  10.11578/dc.20180627.4
 23.3  October 3, 2023  10.11578/dc.20180627.4
 24.0  October 20, 2023  10.11578/dc.20180627.4
 24.1  January 26, 2024  10.11578/dc.20180627.4
 24.2  April 26, 2024  10.11578/dc.20180627.4

The version number is stored in the remarks file: <runID>TR.INF and in the <runID>.YML file
The citation format can be downloaded from the TRANSP page on the OSTI website

TRANSP is part of the DOECode initiative for improving collaborations, dissemination and citation of the U.S. DOE funded scientific and business software.

List of official references for the modules used in TRANSP

The use of TRANSP is subject to signature of a License Agreement, which can be found here. Optional IMAS options for TRANSP input and output are regulated by the IMAS license agreement. If you plan to use these options, please make sure that you or your organization signed the agreement.