List of Official References for the modules used in TRANSP

General references

TRANSP (original document, analysis mode)
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PT-SOLVER (predictive mode)
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TRANSP/OMFIT interface
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Models for predictive transport

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Bootstrap current models

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NCLASS reference:
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Heating and Current Drive modules

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RF kick operator
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GENRAY, adjoint calculations
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GENRAY/CQL3D interface in TRANSP
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Equilibrium solvers

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NTCC pedestal module
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NTM module
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Interface for NTM control
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Sawtooth model
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Kick model
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Atomic physics

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Cross-sections for nuclear fusion reactions
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Conference presentations

65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics
A.Y. Pankin, J. Breslau, M. Goliyad, M. Gorelenkova, F. M. Poli, G. Perumpilly, J. Sachdev, IMAS-ification of TRANSP: generalization of interfaces to data and physics modules, Proc. of 65th APS DPP meeting.
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