Important: by default, GENRAY uses a template stored in the TRANSP repository. However, users can have their own template and select different options for the model used for current drive and for heating, as well as different dispersion relations. The default template uses the algorithm by Lin-Liu for current drive calculations and 48 rays. GENRAY can be used for EBW calculations, in this case the option NLECH=.T. can still be used, but users should use a different template.

To use a different template, download the GENRAY template, copy it somewhere locally and provide the path to this file in the TRANSP namelist, EC section, as follows:
GENRAY_ECH_TEMPLATE='the path to your genray template'
When TRDAT runs, it will process this template and use it, instead of the default template.

No additional settings are needed for GENRAY, other than the standard input parameters defined in the section EC Input data.