How to run TRANSP at PPPL

NOTE: These instructions apply only to users with a PPPL Unix account.

How to obtain a TRANSP account

Send an e-mail to the TRANSP support team, indicating you wish to become a TRANSP user and providing the name of a contact person (e.g. your supervisor or collaborator).

How to setup your environment

Define in your .login file or .bashrc/.cshrc file the following environment variables

TR_EMAIL: Your e-mail address

EDITOR: Your favourite editor


How to submit your run

From the directory where your TR.DAT file is (i.e. your namelist) type:
tr_start < runid >

to request that your run is not debugged by a developer when it fails, type:
tr_start < runid > no-triage

This script creates MDSplus tree for input data and writes < runid >.REQUEST file

To submit the run, type:
tr_send < runid >

How to delete a run

type (from any directory) tr_cleanup runid if the run is archived you need to supply tok.yy and you will be asked for confirmation before deleting any archived run. If the run is still active it wil be aborted immediately

How to create interim outputs during a run

It is possible to write interim MDS output during a run by typing: tr_look runid [tok] [archive] Options: [archive] the output is archived "as is" and the run is interrupted and completed. [nomdsplus] generated CDF file only in the directory $LOOKDIR/TOK

How to suspend a run

tr_halt runid tok [t time] to suspend immediately or at time t.

How to monitor a run

How to look at the output

Completed runs are stored at PPPL in the archive directory: $ARCDIR// Set your environement variable ARCDIR = /p/transparch/result

TOK is the tokamak identifier (4 letters)

yy is the year associated with the run. For non-existent tokamak, the year is arbitrary, check with TRANSP developers the yesr convention.

The TRANSP run can be restored from MDSplus