IMAS namelist controls

The following namelist variable control IMAS related inputs and outputs. The trdat tool uses these two flags:
  • IMAS_REF_SHOT sets the reference shot number in the IMAS database for data input
  • IMAS_REF_RUNID is IMAS reference runid
The IMAS_REF_RUNID input variable is non-optinal. If the variable is not set, IMAS will not be used to set TRANSP input. The IMAS_REF_SHOT input is optional. If this input is not set, the default shot number for a particular TRANSP run will be used.

The TRANSP code has one non-optional input IMAS_OUT_RUNID, which sets the runid of TRANSP IMAS output. It is strongly recommended to use a different runid that is set for the TRANSP input with the input IMAS_REF_RUNID.

The are two optional arguments that are shared between trdat and TRANSP. These variables are
  • IMAS_BACKEND can be set to HDF5 (default), MDSPLUS, or ASCII (not recommended)
  • IMAS_USER sets the username for the IMAS input and output
The default value of the IMAS_USER input is the current username. This input is also used to control the input/output directory. If this input is set to a username, the TRANSP will read/save data to the directory ~[username]/public/imasdb/. This directory needs to exist with appropriate permissions for input and output. If IMAS_BACKEND is set to HDF5, the IMAS_USER can be set to any location on current machine that exists and has correct read/write permissions. The TRANSP simulations running on the transpgrid production system at PPPL use different usernames from the usernames who submit TRANSP runs. Since the users don't have access to the transgrid accounts, IMAS_USER input needs to be set to the PPPL usernames or to specific directories when HDF5 backend is used.