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We are undertaking major cleaning of the code. If you are running TRDAT and paying attention to the log file, you might have noticed messages on the line of 'variable X removed from TRDAT, commenting out in namelist'. This happens because in the past variables removed from TRANSP were added to a special list to avoit TRDAT from failing. While this might be a way to avoid TRDAT to fail, it is not a transparent. This special file is going to be removed from the TRANSP repository. This means that - if any of these variables is in your namelist - TRDAT is going to fail.
A complete list of variables can be found here and downloaded here. We recommend that you check your namelist for any of these variables and you delete them to avoid nuisance error messages.
The following modules are obsolete and will soon be removed from the production system:

Triage policy
As of September 2020, failed runs will no longer be triaged by default. Users will have to send an email to transp support to request a triage and provide a detailed list of the problems.
Old predictive settings using TRCOM
Predictive simulations use pt-solver by default. The old settings NKEMOD, NKIMOD, NVPHMOD will be completely removed with v20.2.
As of today, users that rely on the OMFIT interface have LPREDICTIVE_MODE=0 set as a default for interpretive runs and LPREDICTIVE_MODE=3 for predictive runs, or for runs that transition form analysis to predictions. We encourage to use LPREDICTIVE_MODE=3 also for interpretive simulations. The option LPREDICTIVE_MODE=0 is the original trcom-based interpretive TRANSP. In an effort to modernize the code and make it compatible with IMAS/IDS, this option will be progressively removed. In the future users would not set the flag LPREDICTIVE_MODE, but only the options for prediction, LPREDICT_NE, LPREDICT_TE, LPREDICT_PPHI, etc. Users are therefore encouraged to exercise these options already, for a smooth transition.
The version of VMEC implemented in TRANSP is very old and we plan on deprecating it. We encourage users to select LEVGEO=11 for TEQ for runs with fixed-boundary calculations.
Expected to be completely removed in versions following release 20.2.

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