CILogon Certificate for TRANSP Production

On May 31,2018 the OSG has retired the Certificate Authority (CA) service and their VOMS (Virtual Organization Membership Service)

The certificate signed by CILogon should be stored on the computer from which TRANSP runs are submitted, in your home directory, $HOME/.globus

How to get a CILogon Certificate for TRANSP

  1. Go to: CILogon
  2. Select "Identity Provider" (IdP):
    • Search for your institution in the list. For example "University of Padova", "EPFL - EPF Lausanne", "Lehigh University", "INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics", "Columbia University", are all listed
    • PPPL employees can use the "Princeton University" account
    • PSFC employees can choose "Massachusetts Institute of Technology"
    • If your institution is not listed, you can login in with your "Google" or "GitHub" account.
  3. Obtain the new certificate by entering a password. Remember this password, you will need it later to extract the Certificate.
  4. Download the certificate.
  5. On the computer that you will run TRANSP from, store the certificate in your $HOME/.globus/ directory. If this directory does not exist, then create it.
  6. Run the following commands from inside the $HOME/.globus/ directory (you will need to enter the same password as the CILogon)
    • openssl pkcs12 -in usercred.p12 -out userkey.pem -nodes -nocerts
    • openssl pkcs12 -in usercred.p12 -out usercert.pem -nodes -clcerts -nokeys
    • chmod 644 usercert.pem
    • chmod 400 userkey.pem
    • To authenticate with the new Certificate (let's say for 264 hours) run the following command:
    • grid-proxy-init -hours 264
    • this command should return
    • Your identity: /DC=org/DC=cilogon/C=US/O=.../CN=..user-name... ID#
    • Creating proxy ........................................... Done
    • Your proxy is valid until: ...Date and time..
  7. Once you authenticated with the new Certificate
    please e-mail Marina Gorelenkova (mgorelen_at_pppl_dot_gov)
    • name and email address of your sponsor (a person familiar with TRANSP and is willing to help you TRANSP runs)
    • your identity: /DC=org/DC=cilogon/C=US/O=.../CN=..user-name... ID#
  8. Any problem or suggestion, related to CILogon Certificate please e-mail to Marina Gorelenkova

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